Our Mission

We came together as residents concerned about the growing threat of discrimination, authoritarianism, division and erosion of freedoms as a result of the 2016 election. We are building a sustainable local organization that can be mobilized to resist dangerous and harmful policies that threaten the freedoms of all people at the local, state and national levels.

Why this group?

  • We focus on Durham, North Carolina
  • We focus on defense
  • We crowdsource ideas for action, we deliberate, and we vote on action items
  • We make it easy for many people to take action as often as they wish and can
  • We are inclusive and led by those who are most active in line with our goals
  • We are preparing for the day when we can advocate for progressive policies

What we do

  • We apply pressure on our representatives when they fail to defend progressive policies
  • We support our representatives that fight for progressive policies
  • We emphasize taking regular, visible action
  • We focus on actions that highlight the impact of regressive government policies and actions on Durham county

How we will do this

  • We have a democratic system for deciding on the actions we want to take as a group
  • We have regular meetings where we deliberate the most pressing and important issues, we brainstorm ideas, we vote on our actions and we assign roles
  • We support the work and initiatives of other progressive organizations

We can't do it without your help

Help us raise money to cover the cost for our healthcare posters and stamps for postcards.

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