Duke Die-In to protest the repeal of the ACA

Photo Credit – Phil Fonville

On Friday, March 24, 2017 more than one hundred people staged a die-in protest at Duke University where Senator Richard Burr was speaking with the Health Sector Advisory Council at Duke’s business school. Thanks to all of you who came out, shared your stories, and lay on the ground with us to indicate to Senator Burr that taking health insurance away from 24 million people is not okay. Later that day, the healthcare bill utterly collapsed. Coincidence? 😉

Major thanks to all of our amazing speakers who emphasized the importance of the ACA from a variety of perspectives. We heard from Gary Greenberg, the medical director of the Open Door Clinic which helps low-income patients; John Thompson, a pro-life, evangelical Christian who voted Republican for 28 years but who credits Obamacare with saving his life when he got cancer; Sloan Meek, a local resident with cerebral palsy who relies on Medicare and Medicaid; and Nicole Dozier, the director of the Health Advocacy Project at the North Carolina Justice Center. And thanks to Progress NC for all their support!

We got some amazing media coverage from ABC11, Indy Week, the Duke Chronicle, WNCN, and Spectrum News. And you all really killed it with the creative tombstones and posters. Thanks to Terry Smith and Daniel Hosterman for these photos—check out more in their albums on our Facebook page! Let’s hope Senator Burr sees us and hears us and, maybe sometime soon, will want to talk to us, too.

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