Protecting Progress in Durham highlighted in Huffington Post


Protecting Progress in Durham is just one of many grassroots organizations which sprung up after the November election to counteract the policies of the current administration.

Huffington Post, in their article The Anti-Trump Movement In North Carolina Has The Potential To Flip The South (3/30/17) wrote about North Carolina’s history of political protest.

Our own Kelly Garvy was quoted:

Many people feel a moral duty to get more involved. Trump has scared a lot of people.

Great job, Kelly!

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Duke Die-In to protest the repeal of the ACA

Photo Credit – Phil Fonville

On Friday, March 24, 2017 more than one hundred people staged a die-in protest at Duke University where Senator Richard Burr was speaking with the Health Sector Advisory Council at Duke’s business school. Thanks to all of you who came out, shared your stories, and lay on the ground with us to indicate to Senator Burr that taking health insurance away from 24 million people is not okay. Later that day, the healthcare bill utterly collapsed. Coincidence? 😉

Major thanks to all of our amazing speakers who emphasized the importance of the ACA from a variety of perspectives. We heard from Gary Greenberg, the medical director of the Open Door Clinic which helps low-income patients; John Thompson, a pro-life, evangelical Christian who voted Republican for 28 years but who credits Obamacare with saving his life when he got cancer; Sloan Meek, a local resident with cerebral palsy who relies on Medicare and Medicaid; and Nicole Dozier, the director of the Health Advocacy Project at the North Carolina Justice Center. And thanks to Progress NC for all their support!

We got some amazing media coverage from ABC11, Indy Week, the Duke Chronicle, WNCN, and Spectrum News. And you all really killed it with the creative tombstones and posters. Thanks to Terry Smith and Daniel Hosterman for these photos—check out more in their albums on our Facebook page! Let’s hope Senator Burr sees us and hears us and, maybe sometime soon, will want to talk to us, too.

Media coverage

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Thank you to all who showed up to protest Senator Tillis!

Last week, Senator Tillis decided to have a secret (ticketed!) town hall meeting for the Chamber of Commerce. It was so secret that even ticketholders weren’t told the location until late the night before. Luckily, we got wind of the event and showed up in force to protest outside the building. Along with members of other groups, there were about 60 of us holding signs and getting a lot of supportive honks and waves on the busy street. We printed up some snazzy signs and Kelly got to talk to the news 🙂 From what we heard went on inside, Tillis got testy about holding real town halls, saying he’d do so once people stopped “calling each other names.” Why go into politics with such a thin skin, Senator?

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Thanks for writing postcards with us!

Last week our Environmental Group hosted an event at Durty Bull to write postcards to our senators, representatives, and Governor Cooper expressing our concerns about a number of national and state-wide environmental issues. We had a great turnout, drank some good beer, and sent more than 160 postcards! They’ve probably arrived by now, so we hope we’ve given our elected officials a lot to read and think about. Some people were even brave enough to drunk-dial the senators and leave impassioned voicemails. Check out more pictures on Instagram at @ProProgInDurm.

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Testimony against HB63: Citizens Protection Act of 2017

Dr. Alison Stuebe testified at the NC General Assembly against HB63: Citizens Protection Act of 2017 (full text of the bill).

Here’s what she had to say.

Thank you for the opportunity to testify today. My name is Alison Stuebe, and I am a high risk obstetrician living in Chapel Hill. I am here today to testify against HB 63 because this bill is an unnatural disaster for our community.

Already, indiscriminate enforcement of immigration laws is spreading fear and suffering among parents and children in our community.

This fear of being stopped and deported is keeping my patients from coming to prenatal appointments. I have pregnant patients with diabetes who are taking insulin and need frequent checkups. Uncontrolled diabetes increases the risk of stillbirth; it also increases the chances that the newborn will have dangerously low blood sugars after birth and be admitted to the neonatal critical care center, doubling costs for newborn care.

The members of this committee have among you 19 children and 5 grandchildren. I ask you to remember, for a moment, the joy and the deep-seated fear that is part and parcel of pregnancy. Imagine if you were bleeding, or in early labor, or worried your baby was not moving. Then imagine having to weigh the risk of being stopped and imprisonned or deported against the risk of harm befalling your unborn child. If you vote for this bill, you will vote to delay or deny access to life-saving care.

My pediatric colleagues tell me that this same fear is keeping undocumented parents from taking children to sick visits and well-child checks, undermining preventive care and causing small problems to fester until they become medical emergencies. This same fear is stopping undocumented victims of domestic violence from calling the police, lest they attract the attention of the legal system.

This fear of seeking support from local law enforcement endangers the entire community, emboldening criminals to act without fear of reprisal. An as you yourself have said, vice chairman Faircloth, “An unsafe community cannot function well or provide quality of life for its citizens.”

Above all, this law violates fundamental rights guaranteed to all persons by our constitution. Chairman Blust, I understand you have a reputation for courageously doing the right thing for your constituents. I urge you to call on that courage and vote no on HB 63.

You can read Dr. Stuebe’s op-ed in The News & Observer (March 4, 2017).

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Thanks for coming out to the Resistance Rodeo!

It was great to see such a nice crowd show up at Durham Central Park this weekend for an afternoon of resistance organizing. We’re feeling so inspired by seeing so many people ready to take down Trump and get more involved! We were happy to have the opportunity to talk to everyone who stopped by our table about the environmental issues we care about, upcoming events we’re hosting, and other ways to get involved! Check out more pictures on Instagram at @ProProgInDurm.

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Our Town Hall Success! And ways to help spread the word

A big thank you to everyone who came out on your Friday afternoon to show solidarity with other Durhamites in insisting that we will show up to talk with our senators, even if they won’t!

And a HUGE THANK YOU to the volunteers who put this together in a week! This would not have happened without all the people who jumped in to see if we could put together a town hall in a week, and it worked!

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